[OTR-dev] Going forward

Ian Fung verbal at gmail.com
Fri Dec 17 18:01:14 EST 2004

> I only have friends who have macosx, but they can be persuaded to test it
> out. I'd be willing to help where I can. It would be really great to have
> otr on those platforms.

ya i'm with you on that. i think the two most popular im programs are
adium and ichat, so if we can get OTR working on those platforms, we
got about 90% of the mac population covered. the problem is i know
_nothing_ about os x gui's. i dont work with them at all. its just
going to be a steeper curve. anyone have experience with cocoa,
carbon, or whatever?

where should i start.. mmm maybe we should coordinate a bit and find
out who wants to work on this besides us.

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