[OTR-announce] libotr and gaim-otr included in Fedora Extra's for FC3 and FC4

Paul Wouters paul at cypherpunks.ca
Wed Jul 13 21:52:18 EDT 2005

libotr and gaim-otr have been included in Fedora Extras, the large companion
of RPMs for Fedora Core Linux. See: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Extras
Installing gaim-otr and libotr on these distributions is now very simple.

On Fedora Core 4, the fedora-extras repository is included in the default YUM
configuration. Just run:

	yum install gaim-otr

On Fedora Core 3, you can enable fedora-extras by adding the following
configuration to your /etc/yum.conf or as a seperate file, for example

name=Fedora Extras $releasever - $basearch

You will also need to add the fedora extras key to your rpm database by 
running the command:
rpm --import 

Then you can also install gaim-otr using yum like on Fedora Core 4:

	yum install gaim-otr

If people package libotr or gaim-otr for other rpm based distributions, 
please mail us
your revised specfile so we can include this in the packages/ directory.


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