[OTR-dev] New OTR Development

M govnototalitarizm at gmail.com
Thu Nov 18 15:41:54 EST 2010

18.11.2010 21:50, Peter Saint-Andre пишет:
>> The current focus is tackling some of the items on this list: 
>> http://lists.cypherpunks.ca/pipermail/otr-dev/2010-February/001108.html
> Regarding the file transfer issue, you might look at the "in-band
> bytestreams" protocol that we use as a fallback in the Jabber world

It's also mentioned that "This is of course only useful for small files" - actually
it's even worse: it doesn't work for big files at all due to bug which I was unable
to track down in time (in short - I couldn't get otr session context from pidgin
session context). So everything which will not fit into single otr TLV message cannot
be transmitted. On the other hand - such small messages are less lickely to upset
server operators :-)

One more point: "I think it also blocks the IM conversation until the file is
completely transmitted." - as far as I remember it is undistinguishable from regular
jabber file transfer... although I might have missed something because all the tests
were done with very small files.

Using bytestream for file transfer was one of the initial ideas - I hope it will be
implemented as well. I think small files (<= otr TLV size) should be sent inband and
bigger files should be send via bytestream. Of course with ability to fallback both
ways in case some of XEPs are not supported by server\client in particular case.

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